ESP provides engineering design services focusing on embedded microcontrollers and DSP's. Our customers bring state of the art products to their markets efficiently and reliably by leveraging on our effective balance of corporate maturity and entrepreneurial spirit. Our goal is to deliver total quality by being an integral part or your design and manufacturing success. We have the technical, project management and manufacturing expertise to make your project succeed.

Hardware Design

ESP tailors the design for your application:

  • High volume, low cost
  • Specialty product
  • Proof of concept
  • Reference platforms
  • Schematic capture and Layout
  • Optimal RF immunity and noise performance

Software and Firmware

ESP has extensive experience with embedded real-time firmware applications.

  • Expertise with Motorola, Mitsubishi, Intel, Samsung, Texas Instruments
  • Microcontroller or DSP based programming
  • Assembler, C, C++ based projects
  • Windows based software for off-device analysis
  • Windows based software for graphic presentation and remote control
  • Tightly integrated firmware and hardware efforts reduce system integration problems
  • Diagnostic interfaces

Audio Loss and Level Plans

ESP will engineer your product for optimal audio performance.

Product Integrity Evaluation

ESP can test your product in all areas of mechanical, thermal, RFI or ESD performance. ESP also provides complete verification testing and can help setup your Alpha and Beta product trials.

Manufacturing Support

ESP delivers manufacturing friendly products with custom diagnostics interfaces and manufacturing test suites.

  • Speed up the manufacturing cycle time and yields
  • Reduce field failures and returned product

ESP has experience transferring technology to factories in Asia and the Pacific Rim to bring product brought into high volume production.

Skunk Works

A specialty of ESP! This service allows you to:

  • Explore concepts without diverting the focus of in-house resources
  • Reduce your risk, prove in new designs before committing major capital and effort
  • Once the feasibility study is complete either you or ESP can take the project to completion

Independent Design Reviews

ESP can provide an independent, third party review of your hardware or firmware. This is useful to correct costly mistakes before a product goes into production.

This service is valuable for both venture capital lenders and those wishing to secure venture capital funding. The evaluation will provide confidence in the implementation of the design.

Our knowledge of the North American standards improves your time to market We have experience designing and certifying products to meet the following specifications:

  • FCC part 15 and part 68
  • UL
  • CSA
  • CE
  • TIA/EIA (777, 470 etc)
  • Bluetooth

Project Reporting

Good communication is vital to the success of any project. ESP believes that clearly defining roles and expectations will lead to a healthy work environment. ESP's internally developed project management tool is used to monitor the progress of the project. This becomes the primary document for the project and is used to capture project feedback and progress during weekly meetings.

Project meetings are typically scheduled to occur once every week. Meeting minutes and all open tasks and issues will be recorded in the task tracker document.